What Does The Starting Packet Contain?

Each starting packet (envelope) must have label on with:

  • Your BIB #
  • Start time
  • Your full name
  • T-shirt size


Please, check carefully all data and in the case of any little irregularity return your starting packet back to volunteer for additional control.

Inside of your starting packet you will find:

  • headband with your bib #. Must be same as on envelope.
  • timing chip with plastic wristband
  • other colored wristbands:
  • yellow plastic wristband - with start time and T-shirt size
  • if you are registered as Elite or Age Group you will get additional wristband (sometimes are colored wristband missing because headband sign has different color for Elite/Age Group)
  • additional colored wristband are for multi Trifecta and Regional Trifecta qualifiers
  • flyers from sponsors
  • promo and discount codes from sponsors and Spartan for next events
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