2020: Trifecta Weekend Pass

What is Trifecta weekend.

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Information about Trifecta Weekend Pass (TWP).

Trifecta Weekend Pass is valid only for one Trifecta weekend.  TWP is discounted ticket for individuals only and is not portable (*1). No other discount codes can be combined with Trifecta Weekend Pass.

TWP is available only for Age Group and Open category. Unfortunately Elite category runners can not apply  for this pass because only two Elite heats are at Trifecta weekend.


How to buy Trifecta Weekend Pass

To buy discounted ticket for all three disciplines at once, please, click on black button "Trifecta Weekend Pass" at any event page belongs to the Trifecta weekend event.

If you choose your first discipline in Age Group you will be registered to all other disciplines into Age Group automatically.  You have to run all disciplines in same category.   In this case additional fee for Age Group 3x10=30€ must be paid for all three disciplines at once. If you choose Open category you will be automatically registered to the Open heats in other two disciplines. No additional fees are required if you choose Open category. If you choose at beginning Open heat with your TWP  you have to continue all disciplines in Open heats.

After registration via black button  you are not able to change name, start time or make any substitution. You will get just one timing chip for both disciplines which are at the same day.  When you finish your first discipline (Super/Sprint) you will run next discipline (Sprint/Super) with the same timing chip.

All TWP holders will get just one starting pocket with one timing chip  at the race day when are two disciplines.

(*2) In case you are late for start time of your second discipline at the same day you can run any start time  you want of your registered category (*3). You don't need to ask registration for change of your start time if you are late. You will find colored wristband in your starting pocket of your first discipline. This wristband allow you continue your second discipline anytime you want but not later then start time of last heat of second discipline.

If you buy your TWP you will find your name immediately at all 3 bib's number lists (Sprint, Super and Beast).


Advantage of TWP.

- cheaper price then you buy all three disciplines separately thru red, blue or green button.

- only one timing chip at day with 2 disciplines.

- no need to ask registration to change of start heat in case you are late to start your second or third discipline. You can run any start heat you want but you have to run in your category.

- saving time and money on re-scheduling of your start heat.


*1 Note: in case you are sick or injured before trifecta weekend and you are not able to run you can make substitution via email only. New person must be same person for all three disciplines. This change will require payment 10 €.  Such change can be made till last Tuesday 23:59 before event. We will not accept any changes at the race day.

*2 Note: this is valid for Trifecta Weekend Pass holders only. If you buy all three tickets separately via red, blue and green button you are able to choose your start time for each discipline but you have to start exactly start time which you choose during the registration.

*3 Note:  You can not switch categories (Age Group and Open) within disciplines (Sprint, Super, Beast) with your TWP.

Example - if you are registered at Age Group you have to run all 3 disciplines in Age Group heats. You can not switch to Open heat of your second or third discipline and vice verse.

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